Of Mice and Men - Good Morning RNJ Monnet Radio Adaptation

We studied the book “Of Mice And Men” written by the well-known writer John Steinbeck in English literature class with Mrs. Radigue.

Its main themes are the American dream and its collapse but also relationships with others. The story is about two friends, George and Lennie, who try to find a job in a ranch together. But the fact that Lennie is disabled will get them into some trouble.

We chose two different extracts in the story.

Peter and William chose an extract from the last chapter in which the atmosphere seems very different from the atmosphere that was presented at the beginning of the novel. It represents opposition and change in the story.

Carole and Manon chose an extract in which Lennie and Curley’s wife talk together for the first time. This extract represents the beginning of a prohibited friendship but also embodies the beginning of the collapse of George and Lennie’s dream.

Recording in a radio studio was very new for everyone but even if we felt kind of stressed at the beginning, the session went really well and we all enjoyed this experience !


Manon, Carole , Pierre and William

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